Hide the soldier hole

Cangbing hole is Fort Hongshan defenders from the ground underground, hidden forces to protect themselves, standby attack, or in an open set an ambush authentic (in 2006 to explore the No. 1 cangbing hole and September 2012 20, excavation of 2 Cang Bing hole).



Shuidonggou site museum building area of 4308 square meters, shape imitation of Shuidonggou unearthed in the stone, is in Northwest China to showcase only old stone age cultural landscape to the theme of the museum. It integrates artistic, literary, and high-tech innovation elements on the basis of traditional museum visits.


The Ming Great Wall

All the Shuidonggou tourist area in Ningxia is relatively the Great Wall best preserved section of the Great Wall ruins. Said the Ming Great Wall to the West into the Yellow River dragon wall leading to two dragon interchange, Yanchi territory in the East is relatively preserved the most complete section of the great wall ruins, standing on the Great Wall.


The birthplace of Prehistoric Archaeology in China!

Chinese and foreign tourists attraction one one water channel!

Shuidonggou is China's earliest excavated Paleolithic cultural sites, is known as "the birthplace of Chinese prehistoric archaeology", "the history of cultural exchanges between China and Western countries witness", is listed as "the most significance of Chinese civilization hundred archaeological discovery of a. Is the national key cultural relics protection units, the national AAAAA class tourist attractions, National Geological Park. Won the "50 place" for the foreigners to Chinese silver.


Comfortable raft

Little river middle reaches of the raft.

Happy carriage

Now is the antique car, drove to see the scenery.

The Great Wall road caravan style

The the Great Wall Tuoling sound, not through the back of the Ming Dynasty.

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